Located in Windsor Locks Connecticut Stonebrook Village features 112 apartment units totaling 106,000 square feet.  The project was ground up which began with raw land.  Tree clearing, stump removal, and topsoil removal brought the project to its feet.  Foundation excavation and slab preparation were paramount in the structural integrity of the four-story building.  All new water and sewer services were installed at the property as well as a 15,000 gallon water storage tank with a fire pump to satisfy the fire protection systems.  The drainage system for the project proved challenging as a large drainage basin in the rear of the property made for tough navigation of construction vehicles.  A 17,000 square foot retaining wall was also constructed to  create a large parking area for the facility.  Landscaping, curbing, and line striping completed the project.



Owner: Optimus
General Contractor: Western Builders
Refererence: Fred Mielke, Optimus

Project Details Include:

  • Tree Clearing and stump removal
  • Topsoil strip and stockpile
  • Excavate and backfill for building foundation
  • Site drainage systems
  • Site water services
  • 15,000 gallon underground water storage tank
  • Temporary shoring systems
  • Concrete sidewalks and curbing
  • Paving and line striping
  • Landscaping